Track Tuesday

4th Class ASF committee members used a pedometer to measure 1 lap of our school pitch. They found that 1 lap=200m. We created a timetable and every Tuesday each class gets 10 mins to run as many laps as they can. We are having great fun calculating how many m/km we ran individually, as a class and as a whole school! We try to run a little bit further every Tuesday.


Week 1:

As a whole school, we ran 480.35km! From Blackrock, Co Louth to Leicester, England!

Week 2:

We ran 483.15km! Now we’re in Vernon, France!

Week 3:

Total of 479.85 km this week. We’ve reached Belfort, France!


Week 4: (Active School Week)

We travelled a total of 511.2km this week!!! Now we’ve reached Brescia in Italy.

Week 5:

Now we’re in Zadar in Croatia! We ran 541.8km this week (Our best yet!). We are going to carry over 40 km for next week as we had trouble finding a city 541 km away.

Week 6:

We travelled 489.3km this week. When we add on 40 km from last week…. it makes a total of 530km. Now we are in Koman, Albania.

Week 7:

503.35km travelled this week, now we’re in Samokov, Bulgaria.

Week 8:

After travelling 522.2km this week, we are in Istanbul, Turkey.

Week 9:

We travelled 524.25km this week! Now we’re in Konya, Turkey.

Week 10:

We ran 576.7km this week! Now we’re in Aleppo, Syria.

Week 11:

After running 549.2km this week, we’ve reached Anah, Iraq.

Week 12:

Great work by all this week!!! 572km!! That brings us to Ali Al Sharqi, Iraq. We hope to reach Dubai before the end of the school year! Only 2 weeks left!!

week 12


Week 13:

Massive effort this week!! 643.8km and 1 more week to go. Now we’re in Borazjan, Iran!

week 13

Week 14:

710.5km…..WE DID IT!! We reached Dubai, UAE!!! Big thanks to everyone. Some classes ran twice to help us reach our target. The children deserve all the credit for this fantastic achievement, their determination and enthusiasm was remarkable. We all enjoyed getting fitter and faster!!

week 14



Some Track Tuesday pictures: