Fifth Class






Spelling Bee 2018

Oisín  is our school Spelling Bee Champion

He represented our school in the Spelling Bee Competition held in Dundalk Grammar School.

Oisin performed very well on the day . We are very proud of him.

Oisín Spelling Bee


Spelling Bee

Liam is our School Spelling Bee Champion and will participate on Tuesday MAy 16th in the next round. Good luck Liam. Click the link below for photo.


5th class really enjoyed hosting the Maths Fair this year

5th class recently performed on the night of the Nativity play .  The choir then visited Blackrock Abbey nursing home and attended the event in Túsla in memory of Gda Anthony Golden.



What beautiful singing from 5th and melodic violin playing from 4th class.

Also well done to Isabel on her work for CARA

Isabel 1