New Infant’s Info


Please write your child’s name on bags, lunch boxes, jumpers, sweatshirts, coats and on the FRONT of all school books.


Books will be collected from the children in September and kept in the classroom. They should know this in advance. Learning in the first term involves much pre-reading and numeracy work. Books will be introduced after Christmas when your child is ready.


Give a lunch for 10.45 break to your child from day one. (No frubes, yogurts or milk drinks please). Drinks containers should be spill proof. Please ensure that your child can open his / her lunchbox. Big yoghurt containers are frequently spilled.


The sweatshirt, and polo shirt are available in McEvoy’s and Michael Lynch’s, Dundalk. Try to avoid laces on shoes if possible. Elasticated trousers for boys if possible.


Parents are requested to leave the classroom promptly from day one. Some children may be upset. Please leave it to the teacher to sort it out. If there is an ongoing problem the teacher will contact you.
Please collect your child at the designated area. It is important to be on time. Infants are not allowed home until somebody picks them up. It is the policy of the school that they be handed over by the teacher to the person who is collecting them. If there is a change in the pick up arrangements please notify teacher. On
very wet days they may be collected in the classroom. Please wait for the hand over.
Check schoolbag regularly for notes sent home.


Money for Speech and Drama and stationery is collected half yearly, once in September and again in January.


In the interest of all children’s safety please obey the parking regulations. Do not block the entrance to the Garda Station or to Beech Park or to the school and do not park on the footpath. For safety and insurance reasons do not drive into the school grounds. Drop your child off at the school side of the road. Encourage your child to use the official crossings. Children should only use the safe exits. Children must not walk through the car park.

If invitations are to be given out in school you must consult the teacher who will organise it discreetly.

Children who can open their own lunch boxes.
Children who can put on / take off their coats unaided.
Shoes with velcro fasteners.

Parent / teacher day is held in November. If the teacher needs to see you before that he/she will contact you.
ABSENCE: Do not ring the school on the day your child is absent – It is essential to send a note to the teacher on return to school.

PHONE: Most phone messages can be dealt with by the Secretary.

Toilets are in the classrooms. Remind your child to ask the teacher.
NAMES:  Please ensure that your child’s name is on all of his / her books, bags, jumpers, tracksuits, coats. It is also necessary for the parent / guardian to leave a daytime contact number with the school.
1. Accidents occur despite supervision. Minor accidents are treated at school. Slight cuts and grazes are normally treated by cleaning with cold water or diluted savlon. Plasters are not applied. Bumps are iced. Notes are given. Parents are requested to inspect the wound/graze/bump when the child comes home from school.
2. In the event of an accident/child becoming ill, every possible effort will be made to contact the pupil’s parents or the persons delegated to take responsibility for the pupil.

The B.O.M. has adopted the Dept. of Ed. & Science guidelines and procedures in relation to child protection and welfare guidelines. Consequently if there is a matter of concern in relation to abuse of children we are obliged to report this to the local Health Board. They will assess the case and provide the necessary support for the child concerned.

Under the Act the school is obliged to monitor attendance and to submit reports to the local Educational Welfare Officer in certain circumstances (where a child’s absence has reached 20 days cumulatively in the school year). Parents must submit written explanations for all absences.
In response to requests from parents, suggestions from The Parents’ council, and recognizing an increased awareness of and research into the area of Healthy Eating the school partners have drawn up a healthy lunches / eating policy. The following foods should be avoided: chocolate, sweets, winders, fizzy drinks, crisps, peanuts..
We recommend rolls sandwiches with a filling of your choice, crackers, cheese, yogurt, fresh fruit.