4th Class – Ms. Mulholland

Welcome to Ms. Mulholland’s 4th Class! Here you can find a preview of what we have been learning so far this year!

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Buddy Reading with First Class (Book Week)


Author Visit to 4th Class (Book Week)

Thank you so much to Valinora Troy, the author of “The Lucky Diamond” Fantasy Series, who visited 4th class today! Valinora is originally from Blackrock and used the local geography, like the sand dunes and nicknames like “the rock” in her books!


3D Printing Project in 4th Class

We are currently completing a 3D Printing Project, linked with Irish Manufacturing Research, Ireland. We were asked to create an invention which “creates energy from everyday movement”, and use coding and 3D Printing to showcase our ideas. So far, we invented items such as dog collars, shin guard fans, and bicycle accessories on a website called TinkerCAD. These items were 3D Printed by Oscar from IMR, who visited us and brought our 3D printed items with him. We examined our prints and brainstormed ways to make our invention even better. Oscar also showed us how a 3D Printer works! Thank you for visiting, Oscar!


Pancake Tuesday!

Procedural writing was extra fun today – we wrote about decorating pancakes!


Peace Proms (CBOI) 

We had the most fantastic day up in Dublin, singing with the Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland. We had been practicing for months and the big day finally arrived. Many parents came to support us and we sang our hearts out! Huge thank you to the Cross Border Orchestra for a magical experience!




StopMotion Project As Gaeilge – Físeáin Nollaig

D’úsáid na paistí bosca chun “Shoebox Diorama” a cruthú tríd ealaíon sa rang. Bhain muid úsáid as StopMotion chun físeáin beag a dhéanamh, agus bhí sceál Noallaig taifeadta againn! Beidh siad ar fáil go luath!


Christmas Tin Whistle Concert with Ms. Duffy and Ms. Mulholland!

Well done to the boys and girls in Ms. Duffy’s and Ms. Mulholland’s tin whistle class who put on an amazing concert for their parents on Monday! Happy Christmas!



Christmas Art

We have been busy getting creative in 4th class this December, with some beautiful art projects! We are currently working on a shoebox diorama, which we hope to use to make a Físeáin StopMotion as Gaeilge!


Our Class Book

Our Class Book has arrived! It was printed and published by CJ Fallon. We had so much fun with this project, and cannot believe we are now authors of our own book! We are very proud of ourselves, and we hope you enjoy reading it.



Peace Proms

Many members of 4th class have decided to participate in the Peace Proms (linked with the Cross Border Orchestra) this year. The group of students (from 3rd and 4th class) travelled up to Dublin recently for a workshop. We practiced all of the songs and dances, in preparation for the concert in February! We had a fantastic day! We cannot wait until the concert in February – many mammies and daddies will be coming to see us!


Science Week

We were very busy in 4th Class during Science Week! We participated in many experiments, including creating Lava Lamps in our class. We also were very lucky to visit DkIT for Science Week, where the children had the opportunity to partake in a workshop hosted by the H20 Heroes! We had such a fun day of science experiments and activities – including searching for good and bad bugs in local water samples, finding our own local water sources on maps and testing the pH of different plants in our locality!

Our Lava Lamps:

H20 Heroes:


Our Class Book Project

In October and November of this year, our class worked on the CJ Fallon Project – Our Class Book! As a class, we wrote individual pieces about what we would like to be when we grow up. We also added an illustration to match our piece of writing. Then, we combined all of our writing pieces to make a book, and sent this book away to CJ Fallon, in order to be printed and published! We cannot wait to see our finished project! Launch date to be announced soon.